1) Power Revision!

Quick revision tutorials for 5 important chapters of SPM Past Year Add Math Questions. Suitable for students who are revising last minute for Add Math and want to familiarize themselves with SPM style-questions.

Revision time needed : 4-6 hours depending on student’s basic skills on the chapters.

Difficulty Level : Medium-Hard

Suitable for : Students who are getting C or B (If you’re failing or just passed at 40+, please watch the Tutorial Videos here)

Not suitable for : Students who doesn’t understand the basics. There are no explanation of the basic concepts here, so if you don’t know how to read the graph of Normal Distribution, or understand what is parallel vector, then you should be watching the Tutorial Videos here, not this Power Revision.

Click here for Power Revision Lessons

2) SPM Past Year Questions Worksheets

These are all the questions based on SPM Additional Mathematics Exam Papers.

They are actual SPM Past Year Questions which I extracted and compiled chapter by chapter for your practice. They are from year 1993-2007.

Suitable for : Students who have learnt and practiced Add Math from books and now would like to practice with real SPM Add Math Questions.

Click here to download REAL SPM Past Year Questions by Chapter.