How does this Epitome Online Tuition Program work?

There are 2 types of video tutorials here.

  • Topical Lessons tutorials - these are videos where I teach you a chapter from zero. I assume you have zero knowledge of the chapters and are learning it from start. These Lessons will help you gain intermediate understanding on the topics.
  • Power Revision - KBAT questions tutorials - these are video lessons where I tackle the difficult questions extracted from SPM Past Year, SBP & MRSM Trial papers, and collection of KBAT questions I compile over the years.  (To be able to follow these tutorials, you must have a fairly good understanding of all the SPM Add Math or Physic topics, otherwise please go through the Topical Lessons Tutorials first)



  • All video tutorials here are Pre-Recorded  with step-by-step solutions and explanation.
  • All the videos are arranged by Form and by Chapter.
  • Some Chapters come with worksheets and answers. The video tutorials will teach you step-by-step solutions for the questions in the worksheets.
  • As a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Power Revision, you can download all the worksheets and the complete answers based on the membership level that you paid for.
  • Some chapters do not come with worksheets and answers. In this case just go through the video lessons and try the questions I ask in the videos.


What are the differences between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Power Revision membership plans?

  • Bronze and Silver Membership allows access ONLY to the Topical Lessons. There's no access to KBAT style and Past Year questions found in Power Revision. Bronze have access for 6 months, Silver have access for 12 months.
  • Gold Member have access for 6 months to both the Topical Lessons and Power Revision Lessons. This is the most popular and ideal membership plan if you're aiming for A or A+ grades in SPM Add Maths and SPM Physics.
  • Power Revision members only have access to KBAT and Past Year questions style tutorials. These include questions from SBP & MRSM Trials. This plan is suitable for students who already have a fair understanding on the topics and are aiming to sharpen / advance their skills in SPM Add Maths and Physics.


Benefit 1 - Unlimited Access to ALL the Video Lessons

  • The moment you become a member, you will be given access to all the Lessons here. Which means, if you purchase a 6-month membership in July, you will have access to ALL the Lessons from July till Dec. If there are 10 Chapters of SPM Add Math Lessons here, you will have unlimited access to ALL of them for just a tiny membership fee.
  • You can watch the videos anytime and anywhere you want especially if your exam is close, you can revise your Add Math with me through my lessons here.

Benefit 2 - Learn and Repeat Learning as many times as it takes for you to understand.

  • In regular tuition classes or school, you only get to learn a chapter once. If you forget or miss some important things the teacher said, there's no repetition. If you missed a class, you can't get the teacher to teach you again. (unless you have the privilage of private one-to-one tuition which is very expensive)
  • From the online lessons here, you get unlimited access to all the lessons that you purchased, which means you can watch the lessons as many times as you like, you can even skip all the parts that you've understood and just zoom in quickly to the ones that you need help with. My lessons are structured into small parts. Each video is only about 6-11 minutes long.
  • Let's face it, some students find Add Math and Physics to be "tough", and they need more time to understand certain concepts. But your teacher in class or tuition may not have the time to explain things slowly, so many students find themselves falling behind Physics and Add Math. With these lessons, you can learn the chapters that you've fallen behind in your own pace, and the best part is - if you forget something - just review the lessons again anytime you like!

Benefit 3 - Freedom to choose and zoom into Chapters and Sub-Chapters that you're weak in

  • The lessons are all grouped together by chapters and they are arranged in order according to the Syllabus of SPM in accordance to Ministry of Education of Malaysia. Hence you can pick and choose the topics that you're weak in.
  • Say for example, you're weak in Chap 9 Form 4 Differentiation. Then just look for that chapter lesson and download the worksheet.  You can learn all about differentiation for all the time that you like until SPM.  If you forgot something (say techniques to differentiate a composite function), you can zoom in to the particular lesson in that chapter that teaches you how to do that. You can skip all the irrelevant parts and zoom to what you need directly.

Benefit 4 - Excellent Materials provided at no additional cost.

  • Excellent materials are provided for this course.
  • You are free to print out the worksheets that I prepared and practice them together with me as I teach you in the video lessons. Each chapter will contain about 30-70 questions depending on the length of the chapter. The materials are structured similarly to your text books or reference books and you can easily use them as supplementary tuition materials as you learn in school. In other words, you can learn Add Math with me at home, together with what your school is teaching now.

Benefit 5- Deep Learning for In-depth Understanding and Mastery for each Chapter

  • Deep Learning is something that I discovered from my years teaching Add Math and Physics. I'm sure there are many students who can identify with this syndrome - you do school homework, you do tuition homework, you do extra practice at home, you can understand what your teacher teaches in class, but when it comes to exam - you score between 50-69. Just a little bit away from A. Frustrating right?  What's the cause for this?
  • Students like these lack deep learning. They lack Mastery. They need deeper understanding and overall skills Mastery. More practice will not overcome carelessness. It's how you practice.
  • My lessons will teach you Deep Learning and all round Mastery of Mathematical Skills.

Benefit 6 - Study Add Math and Physics in your own time and in the comfort of your own house. Bye-Bye to traffic jam 

  • Well - doing online tuition at home is the best resource if you can't afford private tutoring, or you don't have transport to tuition centres, or you're living in an area where there's no suitable tuition centres for you to learn Add Math and Physics.

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